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Stonex XH120 SLAM 3D Scanner

    Stonex XH120 SLAM 3D Scanner

    The XH120 is an handheld laser scanner based on the newest STONEX SLAM technology.This powerful scanner allows easy and fast capture of 3D models indoor & outdoor spaces, eliminating the need for complex multi-cloud registrations. Just move around the scene with XH120 and see the point cloud growing as more data is added in real time.

    Range Range Accuracy Scan Rate
    Rotation Rate

    120 M

    1 CM

    655,000 pts/sec

    20 Hz


    Rapid Scanning

    Get rid of multiple scan stations with the XH120. Easily move around the scene and collect an entire 3D point cloud in minutes.


    Reduced Workload

    Download the full data right after the capture and avoid tedious cloud to cloud alignment.


    SLAM Technology

    More range, speed, and resolution with the Velodyne VLP-32 LiDAR puck.



    Scan indoor or outdoor in any weather condition!



    See your scan get built in real-time with the use of a tablet or smartphone.

    Stonex XH120 SLAM LiDAR Scanner