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Faro Freestyle 2 Handheld Scanner

    Faro Freestyle 2 Handheld Scanner

    Faro handheld

    Portable, Fast, Photorealistic 3D Reality Capture

    The FARO Freestyle 2 is a superior handheld 3D scanner designed for professionals who require quick and easy complete scene documentation. Delivering fast, photorealistic 3D reality capture with unparalleled real-time display results, Freestyle 2 offers total mobility to scan even the most confined spaces and difficult objects.

    Long range accuracy Range
    Identifiable feature 3D point accuracy

    0.5 mm at 1 m distance

    0.4 - 5 m

    Up to 0.2 mm

    ≤0.5 mm



    Real-Time Visualization

    - Display lets you view what you capture as you scan 

    Wide-Range of Scanning Distances

    - Captured 3D Points starts at 0.4 m
    - Can be set to a maximum of 10 m

    Capture in Variety of Lighting Conditions

    Designed for normally illuminated interiors and outdoors, including in overcast conditions

    Even provides usable data in complete darkness

    One-Hand Operation

    - Lightweight with no bulky tablet or long cables

    Guided Scanning

    - Haptic feedback alerts operator when adjustments need to be made to the users scanning technique

    - Proprietary tracking engine enables users to make natural movements while scanning

    On-Site Compensation

    - White-balancing, post-processing can be done at the scene

    - No annual calibration required

    Integrated Training

    - Live display of data quality with integrated training videos, and tutorials