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Stonex R25LR Total Station

    Stonex R25LR Total Station

    Stonex's R25/R25LR total station guarantees long distance measurements of 5000m using a prism or 600m in reflectorless mode.

    Measure distances in a single second with 2mm accuracy making any job cost effective and reliable. With a wide range of applications that are compatible, the R25 is a surveyors perfect tool.

    High Precision Total Station with Trigger Key

     Display Resolution (selectable) Magnification Measurement Time (sec) (Standard) Laser Type






    High accuracy and long reflectorless range are the perfect combination that makes Stonex R25/R25LR the best friend of every professional surveyor.

    Cadastral, mapping, staking out, and up to high precision monitoring works: within the range of R25/R25LR Series, you will find the solution that fits your needs.

    R25/R25LR comes standard with integrated onboard field software, a complete suite of applications, and an external controllers can be linked to Stonex R25/R25LR, through the Bluetooth™ wireless connection: no limitation will stop your working process. Road software module is included as standard in each Stonex R25/R25LR.

    Stonex R25/R25LR features endless friction drives for continuous horizontal and vertical rotations: no more knobs and clamps with limited movements but a more comfortable use of the station. The trigger key on the side of the instrument allows you to start the measurement very easily.