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Stonex SC600A Receiver

    Stonex SC600A Receiver

    SC600A is a multipurpose GNSS receiver. It can be used for static applications such as CORS, Monitoring or as a base station. It can also be coupled to kinematic surveys and positioning in Machine Control, Precision Farming, Bathymetric surveys or simply as Rover RTK applications.

    Multipurpose GNSS Receiver

     Operating Temperature Channels
    Signal Reacquisition

    -30 to 65°C


    < 1 sec

    8 GB internal

    up to 32 GB external

    Heading Funcionality

    The receiver has the possibility to connect two external GNSS antennas, the first provides the GNSS position while the second gives the direction of movement; this allows the SC600A to be used in all those applications where reliability, accuracy and positioning solutions are required.

    Maximum Connection

    SC600A comes standard with all necessary connectivity. It has an integrated UHF radio modem that can work in 400MHz and 900MHz frequencies. The 4G gsm modem guarantees a fast connection for receiving or sending data. The user can easily connect to the receiver via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi using a simple and intuitive Web UI.