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FARO As-Built Software

    FARO As-Built Software


    CAD & BIM Modelling Made Easy

    Looking for a powerful and efficient solution to convert your reality capture data into parametric CAD and BIM models?

    Look no further than FARO As-Built Software! With its innovative and profitable tools, this software provides a complete and seamless conversion process that guarantees the most direct workflow from any captured reality data.

    As-Built Software delivers industry-specific functionality that allows for easy, precise, and efficient evaluation of your data. Whether you're using a laser scanner or another form of reality capture, this software ensures that you get the most accurate results possible. And unlike other multi-vendor offerings, As-Built Software offers an easy-to-use, seamlessly integrated, and fast path to as-built CAD and BIM models.

    With three separate programs in its family of products, As-Built Software can be purchased individually or as an all-in-one suite. Each program is designed to minimize the amount of construction rework, control project costs, and increase delivery quality. 

    As-Built Modeler

    Make 3D scan data accessible in all CAD programs, even those that don't support point clouds with the As-Built Modeler software. By streaming building information like coordinates, distances, and other CAD and BIM geometry directly into these design systems, this software ensures that you can work with 3D point cloud data from any source - whether it's photogrammetry, stationary or mobile laser scanners, or drones - and of any size.

    With As-Built Modeler, you can easily model 3D point cloud data into closed and proven CAD models that can be exported in many CAD formats. This means that you can easily work with this data in your existing CAD programs.


    As-Built for AUTOCAD

    FARO's As-Built Modeler combined with the AutoCAD plugin is a powerful software solution for infrastructure design, 2D building plans, industrial and MEP facilities, excavations, orthophoto calculation, and more. This software extends the native AutoCAD point cloud functionality and provides easy-to-handle features for point cloud processing, photogrammetric functionality, and flexible modeling and documentation. With this software, you can efficiently model and document building elements, inventory, piping systems, steel construction, terrain, and civil engineering projects such as tunnels, bridges or highways, and quickly construct 3D wireframe models and surfaces from high-definition photos.


    As-Built for Autodesk Revit

    This software combines FARO As-Built Modeler and an additional plugin for AutoCAD to handle a range of tasks such as infrastructure design, 2D building plans, and excavations. It provides an extensive set of user-friendly features and extends AutoCAD's point cloud functionality with versatile and helpful tools for point cloud processing. The solution also facilitates flexible and efficient modeling and documentation of building elements, inventory, piping systems, steel construction, terrain, and civil engineering projects like tunnels, bridges, and highways. Additionally, the software offers photogrammetric functionality, allowing for the fast construction of 3D wireframe models and surfaces using high-definition, oriented photos.