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High Precision Robotic Total Station

Stonex R180

The Stonex R180 is a highly accurate and fast Android robotic station. The 6-inch touch screens allow you to have complete control of the screen. It features advanced automatic prism recognition and positioning technology and has a high accuracy of 0.5″ or 1″. The R80 has a distance measurement accuracy of 1 mm + 1 ppm (Prism) and a 1,000 m long range reflectorless distance measurement making it perfect for versatile applications.


Next Generation Robotic Total Station

High Precision Meets Affordability

TDrive Motors

with a rotation speed of 180°/second, the R180 is one of the fast robotic total stations making it ideal for high-speed applications


The R180 is available as either a 0.5" or 1" instrument with an distance measurement accuracy of 1 mm + 1 ppm with a prism.

Long Distance Reflectorless

The R180 guarantees high-accuracy long range measurements with the ability to measure up to 1000m in reflectorless, and 6000m with a prism.

Built-In Camera

The R180 has an integrated camera to allow for easy viewing and target identification.

The OnePole Solution combines the high-accuracy of prism measurements with the ability to measure points through GNSS technology. While a TS requires reference points that must be visible from the station, an RTK GNSS receiver can quickly determine its position with centimeter-level accuracy using data from satellites. The OnePole Solution allows for the simultaneous use of TS and GNSS, and can easily switch between the two with a simple tap on a button. Additionally, the system reduces prism search times through auto-aiming to the current GNSS position.
The R180 is equipped with the Android operating system and pre-installed with Stonex Cube-. Cube-a enables easy integration of data from both GNSS total station through Bluetooth connection. Users can navigate the program easily, access all functions of a robotic total station, and enjoy the added benefits of the Android operating system. This integration streamlines workflows, saving time and effort while ensuring the highest accuracy.

Tdrive Motors

The Stonex R180 has integrated Tdrive motor technology that ensures frictionless, gear-free movement. Ideal for high-speed applications such as a prism installed on a moving vehicle, the R180 has a rotation speed of 180°/sec.

Automatic Prism Centering

The Stonex R180 featuers APC (Automatic Prism Centering) technology allowing users to quickly center their prism with little to no effort. Surveying processes are streamlined and made more efficient allowing surveyors to complete more tasks in less time.

Fast360 Search Technology

The Fast360 prism search technology integrated on the Stonex R180 allows users to locate their target from any angle. Surveys are completed with greater speed and precision due to the fully automated system.


Perfect for High-Precision Applications

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