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    Your Ultimate Geospatial Surveying Solution

    Revolutionize your surveying experience with the RS10 from CHCNAV, an innovative surveying slam solution integrating cutting-edge technologies for mapping and geospatial analysis. The RS10 combines GNSS RTK, laser scanning, and visual SLAM into a single, versatile platform designed to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of both indoor and outdoor 3D scanning and surveying tasks.

    Relative Accuracy
    Laser Scanner Range

    Operating Temperature


    0.05 to 120 m


    -20°C to +50°C

    Unparalleled Accuracy and Flexibility

    With its 4th generation air dielectric GNSS antenna, the RS10 delivers RTK positioning accuracy of better than 3 cm, even in challenging environments. By fusing RTK, laser, and visual SLAM data, this system achieves an impressive 5 cm absolute measurement accuracy. Whether you're conducting detailed architectural surveys or tackling complex infrastructure projects, the RS10 empowers professionals to collect rich and precise data with ease.

    Advanced Technology


    Innovative SFix Technology

    Experience precision without satellite signals thanks to SFix technology. When traditional RTK surveying isn't feasible due to weak or non-existent GNSS signals, the RS10 leverages LiDAR and Visual SLAM data to calculate accurate RTK point coordinates. Achieve 5 cm precision within just 1 minute, opening up new possibilities for surveying indoor spaces and urban environments in RTK rover mode.

    Vi-LiDAR Technology for Contactless Measurements

    The RS10's Vi-LiDAR technology offers a novel mode of RTK surveying by combining GNSS rover capabilities with laser scanning for contactless offset measurements. With real-time calculation of three-dimensional coordinates, users can achieve 5 cm accuracy within 15 meters, simplifying the surveying process without compromising precision.

    Seamless Outdoor and Indoor Mapping

    Transition effortlessly between outdoor and indoor environments with the RS10's seamless coordinate system integration. Whether you're in the field or indoors, select your desired coordinate system directly using the SmartGo App or LandStar™ software, ensuring consistent, simplified, and accurate data collection across all environments.

    Real-Time SLAM Capabilities

    Equipped with a powerful on-board processor, the RS10 provides real-time SLAM capabilities, enabling the creation of georeferenced point clouds directly in the field. With immediate feedback on collected data, users can make adjustments on the fly, mapping large areas of up to 13,000 square meters in real-time with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency.

    Efficient Loop-Free Workflow 

    Say goodbye to traditional loop closure with the RS10's integration of high-precision GNSS and SLAM technologies. By enabling loop-free path planning, this system streamlines field data collection, reducing time and effort required to complete projects while ensuring data reliability.

    Experience the Future of Surveying with CHCNAV RS10. Operate in rover mode with CHCNAV LandStar™ software for easy use and minimal training. With hot-swappable batteries providing up to 60 minutes of runtime, the RS10 is always ready for action. And with CHCNAV's comprehensive software ecosystem, including CoProcess for instant drawing extraction, your surveying workflow has never been more efficient.