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Guide to 3D Data Capture for Crime Scene Investigation

When it comes to responding to crime scenes and conducting investigations, every second counts. First responders and investigators are often faced with a multitude of tasks to ensure victims' safety, assess the situation, and gather crucial evidence. Manual methods of documentation, such as taking measurements by hand or relying solely on photographs, can be time-consuming and prone to human error.

While there may be initial investments in equipment and training, implementing 3D technology for crime scene investigation offers public safety agencies cost benefits and a clear return on investment.

Time savings are a key factor, as 3D scanners streamline the documentation process, reducing labour costs and the need for revisiting crime scenes. Enhanced accuracy and quicker case resolutions further contribute to cost reductions. The ability to create compelling 3D visualizations improves evidence presentation in court, potentially reducing legal costs and leading to quicker settlements in civil cases.

In this guide, we explore how 3D technology is transforming crime scene investigation, making it more efficient, accurate, and safer for all involved.
1. Evaluate and Capture On-Scene Evidence
Manual methods often require painstaking calculations and measurements. These include determining bullet trajectories, measuring the height of bullet holes, or performing bloodstain analysis. With 3D technology, such as the FARO Focus Scanner, you can document an entire crime scene in under an hour with precision and detail. Instead of relying on photographs and hand measurements, a few scans create accurate and photorealistic 3D images, capturing every detail exactly as it is for later analysis.
2. Prepare Data for Analysis
Once on-scene data is collected, manual archiving can be time-consuming. FARO 3D tools automatically save data upon scanning, preserving scene details securely. This data is easily accessible for later analysis, even for evidence initially considered unimportant.
3. Process and Manage Data
Manual logging and processing of data from various sources can be complex. With FARO software, you can seamlessly merge data from different sources to create compelling deliverables. Add measurements, annotations, images, videos, and reports to create a comprehensive representation of the scene.
4. Analyze Data and Create Diagrams
Creating diagrams and piecing together evidence from various sources is a labour-intensive process. FARO software allows you to present every angle of the scene effectively, from animations to scaled diagrams.
5. Prepare Documents for Trial
Stitch together the scene for the court using photographs, 2D diagrams, and other evidence. FARO Zone 3D offers numerous ways to develop realistic deliverables that paint a vivid recreation of the scene. With scans effectively freezing the crime scene in time, you can transport the courtroom to the scene with walk-throughs or fly-throughs, offering perspectives and angles impossible to convey with traditional methods.
FARO's Advanced 3D Solutions for Public Safety
With FARO 3D technology, you have access to digital reports, 2D diagrams, fly-through videos, 3D animations, and drone imagery for more comprehensive evidence presentation.
FARO Focus Laser Scanners: Exceptional accuracy, lightweight, high dynamic range, and on-site registration for real-time processing.
FARO Freestyle 2 Handheld Scanner: Compact, real-time visualization, and complements the Focus Laser Scanner.
FARO SCENE Software: Easy on-site registration, virtual reality exploration, and secure data sharing.
FARO Zone 2D Software: Create precise diagrams digitally with pre-drawn symbols.
FARO Zone 3D Software: Create vivid presentations and use powerful analysis tools.
Public safety agencies worldwide have implemented FARO solutions to streamline crime scene investigations. One example is the Colorado Springs Police Department, which used FARO Focus Laser Scanners to document a mass shooting incident. The scanner helped them generate a 3D model of the scene, create animations, and provide a 360-degree, photorealistic representation for use in court. From evidence collection to trial preparation, these tools enhance every step of the investigation, providing comprehensive and compelling insights to secure justice.

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