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FARO Zone 3D Software: Scene Investigation and Analysis in Public Safety

Road incidents claim 1.35 million lives annually and cost the world economy $1.8 trillion. Accident reconstructionists recreate complex accidents, often relying on data from various sources, including laser scanners and drones. When such incidents lead to lawsuits, crash reconstruction experts and toolkits like the Faro Zone 3D software play a crucial role. On the other hand, crime scenes can be chaotic, with investigators tasked with documenting every detail, from blood spatter patterns to bullet trajectories.
How Faro Zone 3D Software Solves These Problems
Faro Zone 3D Software simplifies crime scene documentation by providing specialized tools for blood spatter analysis and bullet trajectory analysis, ensuring that even the most intricate details are captured accurately. Accident reconstructionists use the software to import data from various sources, allowing them to recreate accidents with precision and ultimately saving time. For firefighters and investigators, the software streamlines fire scene analysis and pre-incident planning, providing a more efficient approach to their tasks.

Additionally, the software's ability to seamlessly integrate data from diverse sources, including measurements from laser scanners, drones, and other devices, regardless of their origin, simplifies the often complex process of data management and analysis. 
Overview of FARO Zone 3D Features
Shared Features (FARO Zone 3D Pro and Expert):
  • Point Cloud Capability: Both versions can import point cloud data from laser scanners, FARO SCENE projects, and drones.
  • Pre-drawn 3D Models: Users can access a library of pre-drawn 2D symbols and 3D models for crash, crime, and fire scenes. This includes 2D floorplans, architectural diagrams, and pre-drawn symbols.
  • Precise, Fast Drawings: various drawing tools, object grips, and automatic snaps facilitate the creation of accurate 2D and 3D diagrams to exact measurements.
  • Flexible Starting Point: Measurements can be taken from various sources.
FARO Zone 3D Expert Features
Expert offers advanced analysis and diagramming capabilities not found in the Pro version.

Compelling 3D Results: Users can create realistic fly-throughs, vehicle and human animations with various environmental elements (e.g., shadows, rain, snow, fog) and animated vehicle features.

One Software Does It All: Zone 3D Expert includes FotoPoints, a photogrammetry engine, eliminating the need for third-party software by allowing users to import photographs from any source and convert them into a point cloud.

Fully Analyze Scenes: Expert offers independently validated tools for advanced analysis, including bullet trajectory and blood spatter pattern analysis. It also provides tools for crash analysis, calculating speed from skid marks, critical speed yaw, momentum, and more.

Advanced DiagramminTools: Expert allows users to take measurements directly from the point cloud captured at the scene. It offers features like snapping to specific data points, exporting chosen points with "virtual surveyor" mode, and creating animations and VR scenes using point clouds.

Easy Workflow: Users can merge and align point clouds or use point cloud models to reintegrate removed vehicles back into the crash scene.
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For example, a collision involving a motorized bicycle and a landscaping truck was initially deemed unavoidable by the truck driver. However, 3D scans used by Northpoint Colliusion Consultants of the crash scene and dashcam footage told a different story. Precise measurements showed the collision was avoidable.

In another case, they used 3D scans to recreate a scene where a motorcyclist lost control due to a sand pile. The scans allowed for precise measurements, including the motorcyclist's acceleration rate and lean angle during the turn.

Faro Zone 3D Software is the ultimate solution to the multifaceted challenges faced by professionals in the fields of forensic investigation, accident reconstruction, and firefighting. This powerful tool simplifies complex tasks, enhances precision, and ensures that critical evidence is accurately documented and presented in court. In a world where every detail matters, the software enables investigators and reconstructionists to uncover truths, and deliver justice. Here's an overview of the step-by-step process:
  1. Installation and Setup: Install and configure the software. 
  2. Data Acquisition: Collect scene data using the FARO Focus Premium laser scanner. Optionally, convert photos to point cloud data.
  3. Creating Diagrams: Open FARO Zone 3D. Import collected data. Use drawing tools to create accurate 2D and 3D diagrams.
  4. Analysis and Animation: Analyze scenes (e.g., blood spatter, bullet trajectory, crash reconstruction). Create animations illustrating scene dynamics.
  5. Data Compatibility: Ensure compatibility by importing point cloud data. Use data-agnostic features for various data sources.
  6. Sharing and PresentationExport diagrams and animations. Share projects using viewing software.
  7. Documentation and Reporting: Save diagrams, animations, and analysis results. Attach them to investigative files or reports for use in court or other proceedings.

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