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Stonex X300 Laser Scanner

    Stonex X300 Laser Scanner

    Key features:

    Compact 3D scanning station: everything you need is carried in a handy suitcase
    Solid and lightweight (only 7 kg battery included)
    Simple and intuitive interface for high productive fieldwork use
    Working out of the box: ready to work in a few minutes, saving time and money
    Ideal for medium-range outdoor applications
    The most efficient and cost effective solution, with excellent price-performance ratio
    Advanced Wi-Fi capabilities: operate the scanner directly from your smartphone (iOs, Android and Windows Mobile supported)
    Two integrated real-time digital cameras 5 Mpx each
    Integrated GNSS measurements with standard GPS surveying equipment
    Fully encapsulated mirror: fully sealed case effective even in harsh environments
    Safe and reliable laser pulse: class 1 eye safe, does not deteriorate over time
    Stonex X300

    Simple, tough, accurate

    Operating time
    Field of view
    Scan Rate

    >3 hours

    6mm @ 50m

    40000 points/sec


    Stonex Reconstructor