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Introducing FARO new Hybrid Reality Capture

FARO Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: FARO), a global leader in 4D digital reality solutions, has recently introduced its latest innovation, Hybrid Reality Capture™, powered by Flash Technology. This pioneering solution is designed to offer expedited scanning capabilities for large-volume projects in the fields of architecture, engineering, construction, and public safety.

The newest scanning mode for Focus Premium Laser Scanner users is the Hybrid Reality Capture which can be accessed through FARO's advanced workflows. This mode merges the accuracy of a stationary 3D laser scanner with the speed of a panoramic camera, resulting in faster scans with colourized 360° images. As a result, users can complete up to two weeks of on-site work in just one week, which means that scanning speed has improved by 100%. This enhancement in scanning speed will allow customers to complete projects faster decreasing costs and without incurring additional expenses.

FARO President and CEO Michael Burger said, “Hybrid Reality Capture is a best-of-both-worlds innovation that will improve on-site productivity and deliver state-of-the-art colorized visual clarity at a highly affordable price. Industries that have had to make tradeoffs between capturing 3D data accurately or quickly have been waiting for this hybrid solution, and we are excited to bring it to our markets.”

Flash Technology will enable more frequent, faster data capture, requiring only 30 seconds per scan. Thanks to proprietary smart upscaling algorithms, the output includes all collected points, with images that look crisper than the same resolution scans with traditional methods. It will be available as an add-on subscription in the Stream mobile app.

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